The SyFy Channel was getting ready to air it's new television show, 12 Monkeys, based on the 1995 film. In the weeks leading up to the premiere my team and I created a highly interactive digital experience that would leak extra story material to excited fans of the movie, promoting the new show. Once the show began premiering the site continued to feed more information on the storyline behind the show that could engage users, and keep them waiting for the next episode each week.
Upon arriving at the microsite the user is prompted with a message describing the experience and offered the choice to begin or view a trailer for the show.
The user chooses to view the trailer prior to entering the main experience.
When moving into the experience the user initially lands on the Virus Wall which talks about the virus in the show. Each wall displays content built around the shows storyline in a format that visually fits the apocalyptic theme of the show. The wall itself is modeled after a board of collected intelligence within the show.
When the user clicks on a piece of image content it expands to offer a better view.
When the user clicks on a piece of text content it expands for a better view, also allowing the user to zoom in to read finer pieces of text.
The wall of information on the show character Dr. Railly.
The wall of information on the Temporal Facility location in the show.
The wall of information on the main organized Groups in show's story.
The wall of Video Diaries created to tell more about the show. These are released over time and become unlocked for view-ability in accordance with the schedule of the shows episodes.
When clicking on a video diary entry it expands to be viewed at a scale comfortable for the browser window.
Special Thanks to Meagan Mosser for art direction, Gina Chen for project management, and Matt Will for helping with design.
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