Ramping up to Airbnb Open 2016, the company's annual public conference where they introduce new things to come, Airbnb was on the fast track for getting a press site up and running to post future updates in one place. Additionally they wanted to be able to house media assets, and quick reference to facts about the company for press who look to write about Airbnb on external channels.
This was the goal in mind when the client came to Ready State agency to go from design to a fully functional site in the usual lightning fast turnaround time. Leading the charge on the design of the site, I was tasked with creating various concepts directly in high fidelity wireframes so that the client could give feedback on the direction as quickly as possible. Immediately spring-boarding off of that feedback, the designs for the entirety of the site had to follow in a matter of days. Successfully, we delivered a press site that met the client's needs in time for Airbnb Open 2016's launch, and gave it the flexility to receive updates as the site needs to evolve in the future.
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