Cartoon Network wanted to raise awareness in it's young viewership of the breadth of shows it had lined up for it's summer programming. That's where my team stepped in and helped to create a digital experience that could do just that. We created a site that offered samples of each show, along with memes and animated GIFs that visitors could download and share to help spread the word on their own social level. All of our design solutions were created to fit within the boundaries placed by the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).
In its live state the homepage features a full page of animated gifs leading to each shows interior page. 
We helped Cartoon Network increase awareness of some of their amazing shows by designing this page to feature video clips from each show respectively. Inside each page we also created gifs and memes that users could save and share.
"Are you CN what we're sayin'?" GIFs and Memes
We created these animated gifs and memes as collectable items that users could take and share on other digital media.
Special Thanks to Jesse McLean for creative direction, Meredith Croy for account management, and Matt Will for helping with design.
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