For SyFy's new original series 'Hunters' I was tasked to create the unique illustrations that would live as content on the site made to creep out information about each new episode. The site created by GLOW Digital Agency brings fans deeper into the universe of the show, and demonstrates it's fan power with it's social media connection. Each tweet about the show is represented in a 3D interactive object on the sites home page custom made for each episode.
Arriving at the site the user is greeted by a splash page introducing them to the underground information that they are about to uncover. Continuing into the main homepage  the user finds a 3D interactive object formed by twitter messages about the show. As they explore each batch of episodic case files they can dive into content created to help tell more of the show's story. These pieces of content are where I helped with my illustration skills.
Police sketch of an eyewitness account with a Quinn.
Blue print for a medical device used to test humans for alien life.
An eye witness account drawing of a creature spotted by characters on the show.
In context view of a blueprint design for a chair developed to help creatures disguised as humans maintain composure in order to fit in.
Anatomical drawings of a species of creatures from the shows universe.
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